I am a professional artist in my 30s living in Malaysia. I grew up loving art and would frequently draw portraits to ease my mind. As with any other chinese family, pursuing any sort of creative endeavours would result in a demotivating backlash. Looking back, studying something more academic would make more sense since I had the brains for it. Nevertheless, I insisted on furthering my studies on Film & Animation.

I got my First Class Honors with ease and was faced with a dilemma. I hated the internship I spent working at the post-production company. (They do 3d effects and animation for advertisements and movies.) I knew I couldn't work from 10am til 10pm every single day including weekends. There were too many 3D artists by then and the pay was bad. I would not be able to have any social life due to the hectic working hours. So I decided to start my own business.

In the beginning, I started a beauty blog and regularly attended events, provide makeup and photography services. But soon, I got bored and ventured into web design and development. I created up to 30 blog and website designs in just 3 years. I love freelancing as I could travel and work at the same time. I love the freedom that come with the pay. I was working more than 12 hours a day while brainstorming all sorts of different business ventures I could pursue.

One day, I came back and my father announced that he had liver cancer. He passed away 8 months after that. His last words to me were, "Get employed". If my life were a stage then, the curtains were drawn and the lights were out. I lost my dreams, aspirations and ambitions. All my life, I just wanted to prove him wrong, be praised and be acknowledged by him. Well, I don't anymore.

Performing a speed painting

My best friend just resigned her job as a bridal house assistant then and invited me to start a mural business together. I was skeptical, art is known to be financially unrewarding. I agreed anyway since my soul's compass was broken. To our surprise, the business boomed. There were a high demand for commissioned art in the corporate scene, especially if there is a solid communication and client servicing from the art provider. I feel deeply in love with art for one reason only. I feel at peace when I am painting. There is no stress, no one to please and it calms me down. Slowly, I begin to forget all my other hobbies and skillsets.

Things I've started in Malaysia's art industry

Soon after that, my company produced over 100 3d murals in my country. My painting skills improved by leaps and bounds and I started speed painting for corporate events. I would go up on stage and paint something for 4 mins or less. But in my heart, I yearn to paint what I wanted, not what the client wanted. Day by day, this yearning grew more and more.

Working on all sorts of painting styles and genres as per what clients want. Here's a graffiti.
On October 2015, I decided to buy some oil paints and a car load of small canvases. This is where I joined Daily Paintworks. This is my first stepping stone in becoming an exhibiting artist. Thank you for reading and email me to chat more.

~ Haze Long

hazelong.com - All my art works, including murals and designs
hazelong-fineart.blogspot.com - Personal art works. (What you see here)
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