2 April 2017

Air Box

Oil on Canvas
36 x 48 inches

Last Goldfish box for now. This series is a collection of visuals thats been floating around in my head for some time now. I love playing with physics(mass, weight, force) in my paintings to give a sense of surrealism. 

Original artwork available here, starting from $1500

Juxtaposition Box

Oil On Canvas
36 x 36 inches

I've always wanted to paint a composition of subject matters in different sizes as compared to their actual size. I like the whimsical and surreal feeling it gives to the artwork. 

Original artwork available here, starting from $1000

Zen Box

Oil on Canvas
18 x 24 inches

New series of goldfishes. I had these visuals sitting in my Morgue folder for some time now and suddenly got the motivation to paint them.

Original artwork available here, starting from $200

20 March 2017

Macarons in box IV

Oil on canvas
36 x 36 inches

Looks good right? I love the outcome. The process was tough for me though. It took longer than I thought to finish this. 

My understanding of color improved leaps and bounds when I was painting this Macaron series. The next time you want to improve your colors, paint macarons in all sorts of colors. Trust me, you will know all about Matt color scale after you are done and you will never eat another macaron in your life too. 

Original artwork available here, starting from $880

Macarons in a box III

Oil on Canvas
36 x 12 inches

Hi, I been really busy creating artworks non stop for an upcoming Solo Exhibition. It's launching on the 8th of April in Hotel Jen, Penang. 

My studio is a mess. Paintings are everywhere. Most of the artwork hasn't been packaged. Its kinda stressful for me seriously because right after my solo exhibition in Penang I will be opening a studio/gallery in Publika Shopping Gallery in May. -_-" 

Talk about everything happening back to back. Its a conundrum of sorts because artworks both being sold and not being sold would be a problem. Haha. You see I have no time to create and if artworks sell well in Penang, I wouldn't have any to display in Publika. 

Original artwork available here, starting from $450

14 March 2017

Macarons in a box

Oil on Canvas
12 x 12 inches

So back to what I was talking about yesterday.. I actually had a point going. Lol Anyway during my meditation I arrived at an universal truth that changed me in just a minute.

That's the power of a changed mind and I actually wanted to share this with everyone. This is especially true for people who are brought up in depravity.

"What you want is never as important as what you have".

If you are like me, ambitious, full of lofty dreams and ideas, want a lot of toys, success, happiness, have high expectations of others and expected to be treated well by others. You probably are in the same shoes and live your days striving to arrive at your destination.

Do a simple exercise of telling yourself what you want. And then repeat the same exercise by telling yourself what you currently have. When you realised that what you have outweighs what you want, you'll feel profound gratefulness and a sense of happiness that is immediate.

And this is how I inspect my own negativity and mishaps in life, learn from it and discover new truths about life. Don't forget that happiness is a feeling that you feel at present, you can't chase for it if its only exists in your future.

Have a good day my friends.

Original artwork available here, starting from $150