20 March 2017

Macarons in a box III

Oil on Canvas
36 x 12 inches

Hi, I been really busy creating artworks non stop for an upcoming Solo Exhibition. It's launching on the 8th of April in Hotel Jen, Penang. 

My studio is a mess. Paintings are everywhere. Most of the artwork hasn't been packaged. Its kinda stressful for me seriously because right after my solo exhibition in Penang I will be opening a studio/gallery in Publika Shopping Gallery in May. -_-" 

Talk about everything happening back to back. Its a conundrum of sorts because artworks both being sold and not being sold would be a problem. Haha. You see I have no time to create and if artworks sell well in Penang, I wouldn't have any to display in Publika. 

Original artwork available here, starting from $450

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