11 May 2016


When I first started Live Drawing it was 3 months ago and the session begins with 30 secs, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min and ends with 15 min. Naturally, everyone mostly ended up with 30-40 pieces of drawings. Most of the artists uses a2 paper and bigger. I brought an a4 notebook and a mechanical pencil the first time I went. 

The sessions were often uncomfortable for me as I juggled between trying new drawing techniques, material and tools. The people there were generous with their insights and soon I settled down with a3 coloured paper with charcoal with some pastels. In the beginning all my artwork were bad, they were thrown away the next day. 

Soon, I have 2 good pieces out of 30, then 4 good pieces out of 30. Yesterday, I ended up with about 8 good pieces. 

Its time I graduate from a3 paper and move on to better materials and paper. Til next time.

Auction for Original artwork starts at $ 20 
Prints available at Fine Art America

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